Block Paving Driveways Colchester

Block Paving Driveways

All homes and businesses can benefit from an enhanced clean cut driveway. NB Contracts have a speciality in block paving, and can transform  your driveway, adding colour and texture, through professionally laid block paving. In comparison to a basic grey based drive, NB Contracts are able to upgrade your residence effectively at a highly competitive price.

As well as creating eye-catching driveways, you’ll be at advantage to our superior service and exceptional quality. With the strength of our block paving and the deep, firm foundations of our driveways and patios; You won’t need to worry about subsidence, slipping, shifting or cracks.“Our Block Paving Driveways use the highest quality materials and are precision laid by our professional installers”

Offering a large selection of colours, an array of styles and a number of sizes, we also have an entire host of laying patterns to choose from in our block paving range.

A selection of our driveway block paving products have been pre-treated with our Surface Protection, guarding against everyday contaminants Including oil, grease, moss, bird droppings, wine and soft drinks. This eases the cleaning process when used on drives and patios, and the protection lasts between 6-10 years in trafficked areas and inhibits efflorescence.

We supply a specially selected range of block paving from Marshalls to provide you with an even wider variety. With block thicknesses up to 80mm, the range offers durability which is usually only found in commercial blocks but with the aesthetic finish to satisfy even the most challenging domestic application.

We were Established as NB Contracts in 1998.

We take pride in our work and trade on our reputation.

Tar & Chip Driveway Experts:

Surface Dressing

Surface dressing comprises of the application of a thin layer of hot bitumen dispensed from a spray tanker, directly followed by another layer of aggregate chips.

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Road Repairs

Our expert surfacing contractors have a vast array of experience repairing road damage such as potholes, cracks and other types of road exterior damage.

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Tarmacadam Car Parks

NB Contracts tarmacadam team can design and install surfaced car parks for businesses and residential use.

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Private Road Surfacing

Our tarmacadam contracting specialists can re-surface private roads and country estate driveways large or small, we can install an entirely new surface.

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Did you know we also do:

Block Paving Driveways

Our Driveways and Patios use the highest quality materials and are precision laid by our professional installers. We will never sub contract our work, so every driveway and patio will be laid our our high standards.

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Tar & Chip Driveways

Our tar and chip driveways are available in a range of stone colours and sizes. We use our own plant and machines guaranteeing the quality and high standards for each job we undertake.

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Modern formulations and heavy duty SMA (stone mastic asphalt) ensure you are left with an easy to maintain, hard wearing surface that will last for many years.

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Our professional installers can use create an attractive block paving patio, a natural feeling decorative tar and chip patio or combine the two to create a truly stunning bespoke patio.

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